‘How police officers who stopped my car fled after hearing an explosion’- Man shares story

A Nigerian man has shared a funny encounter he recently had with the police.  The young man who uses the Twitter ID @Yorubawhitewolf said he was driving when officers stopped him for a random check.

Suddenly, there was a heavy explosion that made the cops take to their heels and he also had the chance to move away.

According to the man, he had no idea where the blast came from but later found out that a bottle of palm wine he had kept at the back of his seat did the ‘magic.’

He was so thankful he got away from the officers otherwise they would have demanded a bribe from him.

Narrating the incident, he wrote: ”Omo some madness happened this morning. Police stopped me and wanted to check my papers, suddenly we all heard an explosion and they took off.

I also drove off, only to realize my car was smelling of palm wine. Omo na bottle of palmy explodes for my back seat.”

See his tweet below:

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